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Sometimes medications need to be given during school hours. In school, only the school nurse can administer medication.  Certain procedures must be followed to ensure the safety of all children.  No medication will be given, including over-the-counter products, without parental and medical authorization for administration.   Forms may be obtained through the main office or the school nurse, or may be downloaded directly at the bottom of the page. This is in accordance with District Policy 5141.21.  If your  child needs to be on medication in school, please follow these guidelines: 

PRESCRIPTION ORDER:  When you go to the doctor, have the doctor write an order for the medication. Bring the order and the medication in the original bottle. Once this is received the medication can be dispensed at school .  Your physician can fax an order for medication to be given at school as well.

LABELED PRESCRIPTION CONTAINER:  At the pharmacy, ask for a container for school with a complete prescription label on it, or if it's an over-the-counter medication, the label on the container is sufficient.

PERMISSION SLIP:  The request to administer must be signed by the parent and the physician.

PERSONAL ADULT DELIVERY:  Parent/guardian MUST bring the medication into school personally. Do not send the medication into school with your child.This is in accordance with the district policy 5141.20.