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About Our School

Welcome to High Mountain Road School!  
High Mountain Road School is an elementary school located in Franklin Lakes, NJ.  Often referred to as HMR, our school is a Preschool-Grade 5 learning environment with approximately 200 students. As a school community, we have committed ourselves to helping students develop the attitudes and skills necessary for success.  Our vision is to build a learning environment where all children and adults take ownership to become imaginative, reflective, information age explorers and contributors to society.  The Franklin Lakes School District develops in students a life-long commitment to learning, a sense of personal and social responsibility, healthy self-esteem, and a respect and appreciation of diversity.
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Check out HMR's Think Station!
The Think Station has our brains buzzing! The HMR Think Station is a 21st century classroom that is aligned with an understanding of how children’s brains learn best. The room includes a variety of furniture and a spatial configuration that fosters collaboration. Traditional desks have been swapped with dry-erase tables to increase active engagement and literacy. Traditional chairs have been swapped with stability balls, standing stations, HOKKI Stools, and pedal desks! These seating options provide for movement, increased core strength, and they reduce the physical strain of sitting in the same position for too long. The standing stations are effective for students that prefer to stand while learning and they are encouraged to use the wiggle bar to keep their lower extremities moving. There is also a podium to practice public speaking. The shelves are stocked with hands-on instructional materials to increase problem solving, creativity, communication and many other vital 21st Century Skills. Some of the items on the shelves include Lego Education Kits, Kinetic Sand, Magnet-Ball Track Sets, Think Blocks, and Squigz.  

The HMR Think Station supports how the brain learns. The students and teachers are engaging in practicing 21st Century Skills that can then transfer back to their classrooms. This is an exciting opportunity for our school community to learn more about effective practices in education.
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